Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't you love the curve balls life throws at ya?

God won’t give you more than you can bear …

It does not imply that God won’t let you be stressed beyond what you can bear.

Or challenged beyond your ability.

Or pushed beyond your threshold.

In reality, God gives you more than you can bear all the time. On purpose.

...It’s only when you can’t bear the load that the strength of Christ kicks in…

and He becomes everything you need and more.

When things happen in life that just throw you for a loop, I always remembered my Mom telling me that God never gives you more than you can handle.  I always just prayed hard and hoped God heard me.  I never really questioned my faith and what God had planned for me but what has happened to my family I can't just think this.  I have asked so many times why me, why her, why us?  I am so mad and hurt that this could happen to us and God allowed it. 

I know God is here with me and is carrying us through this ordeal but it doesn't make the hurt I feel go away or feel lessened.  I am hoping as things play out and fall into place, I start feeling better and our family can heal.  We still are going to church and have not lost our is just being tested and I can assure you the devil is testing us in a very evil way. 

On a happier note, both girls have started school and are absolutely having a great time.  Emily is on the volleyball team and is just thrilled.  I am hoping this will be a great school year for her.  Maddie is loving going to preschool and riding the bus.  It brings tears to my eyes to watch how my two girls have grown into the loving people they are.  Zachary is enjoying being the only one home and getting all the attention.  He is growing into such a little man.  I can say God has blessed me with three remarkable children that we love to pieces. 

I am now done with school for this term and will be starting again in a week or so.  I know I passed both classes but have not seen my grades yet...I am curious what they are!!!  I am transferring to a new school and have a new career in sight.  I am also getting more involved with a charity that helps kids and also wanting to get more involved with children's charities in our area.  You have to give to receive and I plan on living that way and showing my kids how great it makes you feel.

Please keep my family in your prayers....we need all that we can get at this time.  Hope everyone has a blessed weekend....