Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh the luck....

On the night I decide to try a new recipe, the oven goes all on and off on me!  I made a recipe I found on my friend Colleen's blog   (cornbread casserole) and was so psyched to try it out since it sounded so yummy.  I spent a little too much time out running errands so my prep time was cut short and hubby had to leave for work by 6pm.  I told him I would get going and if it was ready to eat before he left great but if not "Hey go eat with the King"....so I hurried to get it all done cutting up an onion (and of course crying), browning the meat, etc while everyone watched.  Ok off topic...why do they watch you while you struggle to get everything done and not offer anything?  HELLO HELP!!!!!!  Ok back to dinner...well I got everyting ready, in the oven and after 20 minutes I look and the cornbread is not brown...what is going on!  I open the oven and notice it is a bit cooler....darn it the oven is off!  Grrr....needless to say dinner got ready in enough time for him to eat so he went to work with a full belly!   I have to say the recipe was yummy and very easy to make so will keep that in my file!  Never mind...I will use my recipe box on my computer and put it in!  I love that the computer "speaks" to me and tells me the ingredients! 

I am so stuffed I might just have to roll into bed tonight!  I had a very productive day, even with the kiddos with me and Larry trying to sleep since he is working tonight.  Yes that does mean that I got to spend some time with my hubby today even if it was telling him what I need him to do on his morning off!  It was really weird having him around...too used to him being gone!  Zachy really liked having Daddy's attention and just played and slept with Daddy.  I made Zach's 9 month appt, Emily's appt to figure out her meds for her ADHD and finished up getting my classes sorted for Spring.  Now to get my books so I can get a jump start on my reading!  Only two classes this go around since hubby will be gone for a couple weeks in March and will still be working 6 days a week...uck!  Medical terminology and human growth and developement..so exciting! 

Maddie and I went back to Albertson's and bought more coffee and cereal (I now have 12 boxes of assorted cheerios), Smith's to get more coffee filters (40 for $1.50) and those tater tots I forgot yesterday, Walgreen's to get my ink cartridge refilled (now doesn't even work..grr) and Target to just look around.  I found this toy storage for Zach on sale and just had to get it.  I am in an organizing frenzy (don't really know why) and am buying all sorts of organizing things!   I have realized that there is just way too much crap on the floor where Zach can get it and he will be mobile very soon and I need to get it up!  Now to get it put together so his toys aren't all over my family room so I don't fall and kill myself! 

I got a very sweet card from the ladies from my MOMS group.  They were so so sweet to think of me since I have been such a slacker and haven't gone to anything in so long...I do miss them and need to start dragging our butts out of the house.  I miss you gals! 

I also got an exciting email from someone at Dave Ramsey!  More to come on that one!!!

Now to go tackle my sink full of dirty dishes, my children that need to be bathed and readied for bed and my poor little dog that is begging me for some "Mommy" attention.   Moms work is never done...but we wouldn't have it any other way!!! 


Colleen said...

Ooooh, I'm so glad you liked it--once the oven got warm anyway!!!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Ugh. Would you know what I got out of that blog? A craving for Burger King thankyouverymuch.

I also need to add you into my blogroll and LOOK at all of your new followers!!

Sarah said...

Mmmm...cornbread casserole!! That sounds yummy and I feel like I would have been stuffed afterwards too!
Now following you from MBC!