Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's that time of year...balloon fiesta!!!

We love this time of year...the weather is cooling off and you just want to get out and spend time with the kiddos!  We are planning on going on a couple special trips this week since Larry is off.  When the weather is cooler it makes it alot nicer to go sightseeing which New Mexico has lots to offer.   

Here in New Mexico it is also Balloon Fiesta time.  For a few more days we have over 400 hot air balloons taking off every morning for such a beautiful show.  Fortunately where we live we can see some of them from our home which absolutely excites Madison.  Tomorrow we will be going to the mass ascension for the special will be an early morning but so worth it.  The kids love it as do the adults.  At Madison's preschool they had a couple hot air balloons for the kiddos to see.  All three kiddos enjoyed seeing one of the balloons take off and the other they could closely examine.  We are blessed that every year we get great hot air balloon pilots who want to share their love of ballooning with kids and adults alike.  Many prayers going out to the families of the balloonists that are still missing....such a tragic and sad story. 

With halloween just around the corner we have started panicking on what the kids will be this year and Maddie is very distressed that we have not decorated yet!  She is on her Dad daily to put up decorations so she can show off her house.  She is so proud of what we do.  Maddie wants to be Jessie from Toy Story but I have not been able to find a costume for her.  I wanted to do the Alice in Wonderland theme since I have the Queen of Hearts costume but she shot that down.  Emily has not yet decided if it is cool to still go out...teens are such drama! 

Speaking of Emily she has been officially diagnosed with severe ADHD and ODD oppositional defiance disorder.  We are still working on finding just the right meds for her and she is still going to therapy.  She is doing better in school but is still giving us grief at home.  We are making progress but very slowly.  Zach is growing in laps and bounds and is walking and climbing all over the place and is always talking, much to my dismay!  He has just as much to say as his two sisters which is ALOT!!  Maddie is enjoying preschool so much and is doing very well.  She is just such a sweet loving girl who just loves her family.  

School is not going great for me.  Algebra and chemistry are two very hard subjects, much harder than I realized.  I am doing ok just wish I could understand it better!  Only 9 more weeks to go! 

Sharing some pics of the family...may God bless you and yours....