Monday, January 11, 2010

The grocery trip

Wow did I get alot of stuff!  And I learned that going shopping early in the morning = less annoying people and Zach is in a great mood!  I really didn't use too many coupons but the store's did have quite a few in store deals.

Smith's is where I spent the most...$144....I think I did pretty good with most of it being cases
what I got:
24 cans of tomato soup (store brand)
12 cans mixed of cream of chicken, mushroom, celery and broccoli (store brand)
10 tubes of colgate toothpaste
12 jars of peanut butter (store brand)
9lives big bag of cat food
kibble'n bits dog food
pork loin chops (2 packages)
2 packages of petite sirloin tip steak
1 big roast to cut into 2 roasts
special k cereal
2 bottles of disney gummy vitamins (clearanced)
24 cans of corn (store brand)
24 cans of green beans (store brand)
20 cups yoplait yogurt
2 bottles of coffee mate (.99 a piece and so yummy)
2 packages of coffee filters (clearanced)

Albertson's was $55...I didn't want to spend over $200 total...
what I got:
4 boxes cheerios
playtex tampons
2 bags caribou coffee (ended up being $.99  piece)
pompeian large bottle of extra virgin olive oil
pompeian med bottle olive oil light
3 packages no yolk noodles
2 packages of gerber fruit puffs
15lb bag of potatoes
1.5lb onions
hartz litter spray (buy 1 get 1)
2 bags santitas ships
2 bags doritos (gotta have my doritos)

All in all I think I did pretty good and don't think I will be looking for peanut butter, soup or canned veggies for a while!  I may go back and get more cheerios and caribou coffee since they were so cheap and I can print off more coupons.  With a little one, there is never enough cheerios or coffee!   I am hoping next week when I am not stockpiling I can see what kind of money it will save me on "normal" shopping! 

Now I am off to enjoy some coffee and savor the quiet while Zach is napping!


Colleen said...

Well done, Wendy!! I got a freeze-a-meal thingy for Xmas and LOVE it! I buy meat on sale and freeze it in the much better bags with my machine. Then I can meal plan around the store flyer or pull from the freezer if I don't like what's on sale!

Wendy said...

Thanks Colleen. I didn't feel like I got alot and was disappointed that I still spent about $200 but when I sit and think about it I did do pretty good. I am hoping I will eventually get to where I only need to spend maybe $40 a week on when Zach is out of diapers, baby food and formula!

Anonymous said...

hey there nice to meet you- new follower here from MBC :)

Amity said...

wow...Wendy...that's what i envy about life there in America coz a $100 gives u much...:)

here in our place that worth won;t give u much!

lovemylevi said...

Wow, that's great! Following from MBC, please visit soon!