Saturday, July 17, 2010

My continuing journey

It has been an eventful week but has been very liberating for me.  I am starting to come out of my "Mommy" shell and back to my old self which to me, makes me a much better and happier Mommy!

Monday started with appts for both Zachary and myself.  Mine was just a quick checkup and getting blood drawn to check my sugars, cholesterol, etc.  Zach's on the other hand was a bit tricky.  He broke out in what looked like a rash but no bumps just under the skin and had it since friday when we got back from the zoo.  Of course it was nothing and was told to give benadryl and it went away the next day.  Always when I break down and take him to the doc he is miraculously better that same day or the next.  The PA had never seen anything this bad (he was red and blotchy all over) so she called in just about everybody to see him.  My kid the!! 

Emily is seeing a therapist weekly and we have now decided she needs to see a  psychiatrist and try her out on new meds since she is starting to show signs of depression.  Why must teenagers be so miserable?  I was always happy...well most of my hormonal time I was!  She is showing signs of improvement and we know it will take time to make the changes necessary to make our family life better.  After she is doing better I will start seeing a therapist to figure out my issues as to why I can't get this weight off (I just know it is something in my head!). 

Wednesday night (I think) Emily and I went out to dinner with her friend Emmery and her mom Dawn who I am good friends with.  It was so nice to get out and not have the stress of 3 kiddos and enjoy some time with Dawn.  The girls sat at a seperate table and thought that was just so cool but secretly we were happy we could have adult conversations!  And to make it better, they lost the kids order and took over an hour to bring them their food so it was free.  Friday night hubby came home and decided he wanted to eat out so off we went.  The girls did not fight and the food was good so all in all a great night!  I love eating out but man is it expensive so next week I am cooking all! 

Today I went to a consignment sale and scored some great buys, a Melissa and Doug easel, a bike helmet for the little guy for when we finally start riding our bikes and a bunch of trucks and cars since Zach just loves his cars!  Also found a dress for Emily and a romper for myself at Goodwill.  I also found some pretty wine glasses but decided I didn't have any room for them, darn it!  I love scoring bargains!!!  May have to hit some yard sales tomorrow before church. 

I am still trying to get all my financial paperwork in order to transfer over to CNM in the Fall.  It is not as easy as I envisioned but I am slowly chipping away at it.  I can't register till the end of the month so I have time, thank goodness!  I am still in classes at NAU and can't wait for them to be OVER!!!  They are kicking my butt! 

I have been following the couch to 5k and have been doing pretty good.  Still working on running all the "required" times...boy I am so out of shape but you got to start somewhere!  I am starting to get more energy which makes me want to continue and make changes to my eating habits.  We'll see where this leads me....hopefully on the skinny road! 

Hubby and I have decided to become a bigger part of our community (our HOA) and will join a couple of committees to make our community better and to find out just what they do with our dues and all the other money they get!    Hubby is also considering running for office with the HOA.  I think he is still mad about not being able to keep the lattice on our gate....if that is what it takes to make some changes I say go for it! I see my lattice coming back on...just kidding!  LOL!!!  

The past couple nights we have been getting our camper ready for our 1st camping trip next weekend.  Maddie is so excited and I am to.  I have NEVER been camping so this should be fun!  All 5 of us and the dog....luckily we won't be too far from home for this first time out!  I am looking forward to some fresh air and hopefully cooler temps up in the mountains!  It is way too hot here...
Wow this looks like a novel but I did warn it has been an eventful week and I am sure next week will be more of the same!  Now to share my pic of the family...just excuse the writing in the pic as I am too lazy to scan it in! 

Now off to bed since I am helping out in church tomorrow...night all! 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here I go....

Me and my Zachy man

Do you ever feel like you aren't who you are suppose to be?  I am really feeling that way.  I do love my husband and kiddos but this is not the way I thought my life would be.  When I was graduating high school I dreamed of being a nurse, having my career and getting married much later in life.  But here I am almost 41, still trying to get that nursing degree and begin my journey in my chosen path, mom to 3 kiddos when I never thought I would have any kids and a stay at home mom to top it all off.  I am ready to rediscover myself and find my inner happiness again.

So today I decided I want to lose all this blubber and started the Couch to 5K running plan.  It was tough, especially with a 4 yr old that did NOT want to run tagging along, but I made it through and not feeling like I would die!  I am DETERMINED to stick with it and start feeling better about myself and maybe get some energy too! 

I am transferring schools and hoping to get into a nursing program next year to finally get started on my dream.  I had started at NAU to get into their nursing program that was "suppose" to start this summer but now it is all up in the air.  Time is passing me by so I am jumping ship and going somewhere that has a program and is quite a bit cheaper as well! 

I guess as I approach the age my Mom passed away at (46) it has made me realize I am the only one that can make ME happy and I need to start doing it!  We are also still plugging away at our debt with the Dave Ramsey plan (even though we blew it with a new truck a couple months ago) which is taking much stress off of us seeing our debt get smaller and smaller and trasferring to the new school will help my student loan be MUCH smaller.  My hubby also put on his next rank, Senior Master Sergeant, and is very happy and we are VERY proud of him.  His Mom came to see him "tack" on his rank and it meant the world to him that she was here. 

Emily and Madison "tacking on" Larry's stripes

All in all we are taking things one day at a time and letting God lead us.  That is the best way to go....