Monday, February 22, 2010

Yes I am enjoying Monday! back to normal!  Madison off to KidsZone, Emily to school and Zach and I running errands all morning.  It is nice to just have the kids to deal with all extra person just throws your schedule off! 

I love my husband and appreciate everything he did while off taking care of me and the kids but boy it was time for him to go back to work!  He starts his new job today (he was moved to a different job while on leave with me) and I know he was a bit nervous.  He is also back in school with University of Pheonix and has lots of papers to write which takes quite a bit of work and time.  My classes start next month and I will be taking 3, one online and the others on the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho campuses.  I need to bust through them and get this degree done...I am not getting any younger!  I have decide to not pursue my nursing degree and just focus on medical assisting for now and see how that goes. 

Zach is back to not sleeping through the night.  I have about given up.  He gets 8 oz of the enfamil nighttime formula and a bowl of cereal and still wakes up 2 - 3 hours later wanting another 6 oz of formula.  Emily and Maddie were easy compared to Zach!  If I let him cry, he bawls for at least an hour and by then I am fully awake.  This 4 hours of sleep a night is kicking my butt and I know isn't helping with my healing either.  The only times I slept throug the night was when I ws in the hospital....if only I could go back to get sleep! 

Today Zach and I went to Target to just walk around and I found my face scrub and body wash on sale so was a productive trip.  After that we went to my fave thrift store and found lots of clothes for Zach and Maddie for next winter and a couple things for now since we still are pretty cold here.  WalMart also was on my to do list and found PJ's for Emily, tops for $2 and bottoms for $2.50 so have gifts for her for Easter since she always need PJ's!  Also got myself a new pair of PJ's since they were $3.  After that I got Chick-fil-a for lunch, picked up Maddie and went home.  Dinner will be roasted chicken, asparagus and stuffing...yummo! 

I will be posting pics of my hubby's handiwork:  he laid new flooring in my living room and painted, put up new lights in both bathrooms and new mirrors.  There is still lots of painting to do but in no big hurry.  My house is feeling more like a home since making these improvements and getting rid of furniture that we just don't need. 

Happy Monday! 

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