Friday, September 26, 2008

Ugh so tired of unpacking!!!

I am so tired of unpacking and setting up house! Why can't I just wave a magic wand and it be done?? We have pretty much unpacked just need to hang pictures and finalize what we want out and where. Madison and I went to the library today and got some new books. I am going to try my hand at homeschooling her since she seems so bored not going to daycare/preschool. We are still looking for a Girl Scout troop Emily can get into and she is looking forward to fun being at home with little sister and mean Mommy!

Larry started work this week and is working late every night which we should be used to. I think I got spoiled not having the kids all the time when I was working in Las Vegas. He is the acting First Sergeant until the new one arrives the end of October. He has a very long drive to work but is glad the schools are much better here and crime is not as bad either.

Well off to figure out dinner and may go to Toys R Us to look for christmas gifts.....

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