Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Post Op Appt

I am so not looking forward to today, well maybe a little!  I have my post op appt and will discuss my next surgery, taking out my gallbladder.  I did figure out that taking heartburn meds does help my gallbladder pain, thank goodness!  I was dying yesterday!  I am hoping he will let me start exercising so I can lose some of this chub!  My next appt is with my ob/gyn to check out the cysts the surgon said he saw on my ovaries....I see yet another surgery in my future!  I hit 40 and fell apart!   I will post all about my appt when I get back.

I also have to pick up Madison and Emily's meds from the store.  Madison has terrible allergies that are just wreaking havoc on her eyes....they're bright red and hurt.  Zachary is starting to get it as well.  He did sleep all night but I think it was the benadryl that helped with that.  His nose is just running all the time and making him miserable.  I love New Mexico but it is terrible for those who have allergies. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and will check in later.....

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