Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday already?????

Wow this week has flown by!  Between doctor appts, errands and concerts plus hubby being gone I am worn out!  Today we picked up our new cabinet door to replace the one Emily kicked in and got my books for my classes that start next week.  I am not looking forward to 3 classes this next term but have got to get this degree MOVING!!!!!

Poor Zachy man has an ear  infection which last week was just allergies....he is feeling better but still really congested.  Madison is feeling much better since we got the eye drops and meds for her allergies.  She is still mouthy as ever...she has turned into a little devil since Larry was home for those 3 weeks!  It is taking some time to get her back in line!  Emily is a semi miserable teen..bored and not wanting to be helpful or nice.  Yuck....I am so not looking forward to the rest of the teen years! 

We did get some great news this week......Larry made Senior Master Sergeant this go around!  We are so proud of him and excited for his new rank and what it holds for us!  He is so another 2 years and maybe we can retire! 

Tonight Emily has a formal concert and as much as I love seeing her do these things, I just don't want to go!  I am tired and just not in the mood.  Thankfully my friend Dawn is watching Zach so his ears aren't bothering him.  Maddie and I will hang out and hope it doesn't last too long!  Tomorrow is ballet for Maddie, stop at WalMart and get a dog bed for the new puppy and toys.  Yes I got us a new puppy...a very pretty Westie.  He is cute but so very annoying and peeing all over!  I have both the dogs in the kitchen so easier to clean up but still...every 10 minutes someone has peed!  We'll see how long my patience lasts! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.....smooches to all!!! 

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