Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting into a groove....

Well it is week #3 into this term and surprisingly I am doing pretty well!  I don't think I will be taking 3 classes next term but this hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  None of my classes have midterms or finals (yeah!!) but do have papers at the end which really isn't too bad.  Hubby is taking off from his schooling for a month or so since it is just so hard with both of us in school.  He has plenty to do around the house to keep him busy and we are trying to get the camper ready for the camping season.  Next is to get the house ready for Zach's 1st birthday party and Larry's promotion party...woo hoo!  Senior Master Sergeant Dostart!!!!!

Zachy man is starting to sleep better and have got him to put himself back to sleep after a little rubbing on the back from Mommy.  No more bottles in the middle of the night and he is starting to enjoy our food much more than he did  few weeks ago!  He is also pulling himself up to stand and looks like he will be walking the furniture soon.  I can't believe he will be a year next month....my baby is growing up way too fast!

We also got a new dog...a westie named Echo.  He is a puppy and full of energy but he is fitting in pretty well.  I have got to get him in with a groomer so he can look like a westie...he just looks like a fur ball now!  Jasmine (our weenie dog) now has a heart murmur and bad teeth....she is only 1!!  So now we watch her and make sure she is doing ok.  She hates getting her teeth brushed but got to do it.  So funny...I brush my 4 yr old, 11 month old and now my dog's teeth!  Geez! 

We are still following the Dave Ramsey plan and now only have one more credit card to pay off, then just have house and new truck (when we get it).  I know his plan says to save money for a new vehicle but we need to get him a new car but do plan on paying it off faster than normal and have started paying more on our mortgage as well.  It is nice to not have the stress of money on top of everyday life! 

Have a birthday wish to send out to Monique...Happy Birthday!  Hope you have a great one!!!

Now off to start dinner....wo weird to have hubby home for dinner!  Now I have to cook!  LOL!!!

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