Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer is almost over!!!!

I cannot believe that it is almost back to school time!  I am soooo excited!  Don't get me wrong...I love my kids and doing things with them but it is hard to keep a 2, 5 and 14 year old happy! We go to the pool and zoo, go for bike rides, play at the park and numerous other things but I still hear the "Mom I am bored" 10 minutes after we get home!  The teen is the hardest....she sleeps most of the day away and then is mad when I tell her it is too late or hot to do anything.  I wish I could sleep the day away!

I am still going to school fulltime and will graduate the end of summer with my AA in Integrated Studies.  It isn't my goal but at least I will have a college degree!  I will still plug away at all my electives for my BA in Elementary Education and transfer to a four year college once I am ready to work on the meat and potatoes of my degree.  I am hoping to be ready to teach when my 2 year old is ready for school.  Hubby is only six classes away from his BA in Business then he can retire from the Air Force if he chooses.  We are excited about a life out of the military!  

The kids are growing by leaps and bounds.  This summer all three have taken swimming lessons and have enjoyed them.  Madison also takes gymnsatics and is going wonderfully.  She is about to moe up a level which she is so happy about.  Emily is a typical teen, playing with her hair and makeup and acting a fool over boys.  She drives me nuts but I am sure I did the same things at that age but don't tell her!  Zach is my little man.  He is such a MaMa's boy which I love.  He is talking all the time and getting into anything and everything.  

Lately I have been back to couponing and saving money.  We want to take a big trip to DisneyWorld next year and have been saving money.  It just seems every time we get money saved, something comes up where we have to spend it.  Just this morning I was getting ready to run my dishwasher and it would not turn on.  Oh well back to having Emily be my dishwasher I guess!  You know, when it rains it pours!  

All in all, life is very good....


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