Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Are we sure about this??????????

Ok, this post is probably going to be silly for some but is serious for us......I am cancelling our Direct TV.  Yes we are getting rid of cable.  I am sure I will miss some of my shows but am hoping it will bring our family closer.  I can dream right?  LOL!!!  Right now we only have two tv's and usually both are on!  We are getting an antenna and roku box and plan on streaming the heck out of them!  We already have netflix and will use amazon as well to watch tv and movies.  I know Larry will not be happy about losing his dear sports channels but in the end I hope we will save money! 

     The plan is to make family nights and do more things together and way from the house!  Maybe get us more active and in shape.  That is my!  We will start the family nights soon and may even have family cooking nights....that sounds like fun!  Those are my goals of getting rid of to see if they come true!  Keep ya posted on that one.....

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