Friday, December 18, 2009

Long time!!!!

Our life is so busy now....I am back in school as is Larry trying to get his Bachelor's Degree so he can finally retire from the Air Force. Emily is doing pretty good in school...just needs to get herself together and more organized. Maddie is Maddie....she is desperate to go to school and be a big kid. She goes to the KidsZone program and loves it. One of her gifts this year is dance classes...I am aure she will love them! Zachary is grwoing by leaps and bounds...he is already 8 months and is a happy little guy!

Slowly getting ready for the holidays...Larry works so much that it is hard to really get into the spirit of the holidays. We are excited to try a new church this Christmas Eve..hopefully we will like it and start attending regularly.

Well that is us in a nutshell. Not exciting but it is our life!

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Paula@One Mom's Corner of the World said...

How cute! I'm visiting from MBC. I signed up to be your follower. Visit my blog when you have the chance.