Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Already wednesday?

This week is just flying by!  Why is it always that way when my hubby is off from work?  And why must we have to have the cars worked on when he is off?  Today he took his almost 12 yr old car to get looked at since it is dripping oil.  Well 2 hrs later we find that the seals in the back are leaking (why they couldn't find that when they fixed the front ones I have no idea) and that the front left tire rod is about to go.  Well on the way to pick him up (yes they still have his car) it started to snow and I went to turn my windsheild wipers on and guess what?  They didn't work so we took a little detour to the dodge dealer.  Of course they could not look at the van and miraculously the wipers started to work slowly.  So saturday my van goes there to have them check the wipers and now the back vents do not blow any heat...why oh why when this van will be paid off in 3 months!    Never fails!  At least hubby can get his new truck soon to pull our pop up camper this summer.  Can't wait to start camping!

I am so excited to say I am typing my blog on my new hp touchsmart computer!  Hubby felt so bad that I didn't win a new one and I think got tired of seeing my drooling over them, he told me yesterday to go find the computer I wanted!  I got our computer savvy friend Bob to go and look at them with me and he helped me decide.  Hubby is not left out in the cold...he found a new laptop..unfortunately we had to get a raincheck but still getting himself a new one as well!   Out of all of us, I think Emily is the most excited since Maddie and she will be sharing our old one. 

Here are some pics from our trip to Colorado and our ride on the Polar Express....a must do for anyone that can do it.  The kids had so much fun! 
  Yeah we are here!

Still traveling and looking happy!

The Polar Express

The Polar Express

High up but oh so pretty

Zach enjoying the train ride

Maddie and Emily enjoying some hot chocolate

Maddie lovin' her chocolate!

Having the story read to them

Larry and his clone, Zach

Santa giving the girls their bells

The girls having fun...and not fighting!


Colleen said...

I am NOT showing the boys your pictures--they would be SO jealous!! What a great trip =)

Theresa said...

Love the pics. The Polar Express ride looks so awesome.

Miss ya.