Sunday, December 20, 2009

The computer shopping trip...

We found LOTS of computers (the new HP touch is awesome and I would love to have one) but have decided to wait until after christmas to see if they go on sale, grudingly. I am plating the seed for the new computer in Larry's head.... No goodwill trip for me but do plan on going tomorrow, if the kids are good for me. Emily starts her break tomorrow so one good thing..sleeping in!

I did snag a great deal on the Leap Frog Tag Junior...only $10!!! Madison and Zach will have lots of fun with it since Zach loves listening to his sister "read" to him. Also got some Twilight stuff for Emily since she is just so into the Twilight stuff! Also got Madison her Leapster 2 for $39. She will be so happy since BJ chewed the pen off the Leapster she has now.

Tomorrow will be a busy day...crafts to do and errands to run and maybe bake some cookies too! I just hope we have a great day!

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Colleen said...

I think the Leapster 2 is going to be under LOTS of PP's trees this year!!