Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2nd day of break...

Ahhh, what a nice day I had with the kids.  Emily stayed the night at a friend's house but I had a substitue for her today, Emmery.  Emmery is Emily's very good friend (and my friend Dawn's kid) and like another daughter to me.  We spent the day shopping and making felt ornaments as gifts.  Emmery also decided to wrap quite a few gifts for me which I very much appreciated.  So now I have 3 girls laying on the floor in the living room watching the Santa Clause and having a fun sleepover! 

I did get some awesome finds at Old Navy for Zach and found Maddie more new pants at Goodwill but no great finds for me (sorry Colleen). 

Here are some pics from our day.  Maybe tomorrow I will have pics of the snow the forecaster claims we will get tonight and tomorrow...I know that would put us a little more in the holiday spirit! 
Zach trying to creep/crawl

Emily and Emmery wrapping gifts

Maddie putting ornaments back on tree cat knocked off

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