Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gall Stones anyone?

It has been a rough couple days....Madison and Zach have been sick since saturday night, I woke up sick yesterday which was not good since my pre op appt was yesterday and now Emily woke up sick.  My surgery is friday and I am so ready!  I just hope I am not still sick by then..... 

Saturday started really nice, no inkling Maddie and Zach would end up sick.  Maddie had her first ballet/tap class and had so much fun.  After that we hit one of my fave consignment shops and scored big there (will show that find in a minute), bought Mddie some tap shoes, met up with a gal from Craigslist that wanted my empty baby food jars, then off to Target to find the car seats I wanted.  We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch then headed home.  Everyone was fine and napped and played.  Then about 5pm I found another Target that had the booster seat I needed and went there to pick it up.  That was when it all fell apart!  On the way home Zach started to sound funny so I stopped and checked on him.  He was just spitting up a little but  really didn't think much of it.  Not 2 minutes later, Maddie starts losing her cookies in the van, crying that it was all over her and she wanted to go home.  Ugh...  We made it home and got everyone cleaned up and from then on the night was just a disaster.  Two kids getting sick at the same time is just not a barrell of fun.  I called hubby and told him to get home asap and bring pedialyte and gatorade with him.  Today they are finally eating and feeling better....great since Emily woke up sick at 4 am.  Fun times in my house.  Thank goodness I am feeling much better....hope hubby doesn't get sick...lots of people at his work getting this flu bug thing.  Why oh why right before my surgery???? 

Yesterday I went up to hospital to get all ready for my hernia surgery on friday.  My doc is quite the scatter-brain.  It always seems like he forgets what he is going to say (kind of scary but heard he is a great surgeon).  He walks in and asks me if I am ready to get this hernia fixed.  Yes I am and why don't you throw in a tummy tuck since I have had to wait so long (6 months).  He says to me "Did I mention you also have gallstones?"   Me "No you never did, would have liked to know that so I could have been prepared for that."  Doc "I can fix both problems in this surgery but you have a higher rate of infection doing both.  What do you think?"  Me "If I have a high chance of an infection I think I will wait."  Doc "OK".  That was it.  Weird....my last appt was in November and you would think he would have said something then since he had my ct scan results.  Ugh so another surgery in my future..hopefully won't be as invasive as this one.  My hernia is so larger I have to be cut from my belly button to my c-section scar.  He has already prepared me for the pain I will be in the first week or so.  I told him just give me strong drugs and let me stay in the hospital during the really rough days.  We shall see!

Now on to my fabulous finds!  I found Zach a couple really cute outfits from Gap and Children's Place at my fave store, Other Mother's.  I always find clothes for all of us there.  Also found myself a new sweater set that is so cute.  Then I found this gem for only $20...I was beyond excited since I have been looking for one...they normally go for $85!  Soooo excited and it had all the pieces! 

Both Maddie and Zach love it and even though sick, they have played with it everyday since we got it.  I also scored from Target a Graco ComfortSport car seat for Zach for $80 with a $20 gift card and a Graco highback booster set for Maddie for $45 minus $20 gift card = $25 and I also snagged another $20 gift card.  I was quite the happy shopper on saturday!  

Sunday we all just laid around and took care of each other so no church but did watch sermon that evening online.  Larry and I decided to make breakfast for dinner so cooked up some bacon and pancakes.  Well the bacon is what was making me sick on Monday.  I think it has a lot to do with my gallstones since it was real, greasy, honeycured bacon.  Needless to say I will stick with my turkey bacon from now on!  After surgery we are all going to start exercising more and eating better.  I so want to lose this baby weight I am still carrying!  Gonna have to break out the Wii and get some new dvd's! 

Here are some pics from saturday and sunday....have a fab day!

Emily on the computer...as always

Poor little Zach passed out

Maddie sleeping and before ballet class
What a difference a few hours can be!

Maddie and Zach

Maddie being cute

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