Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whew what a couple days!!!

I can't believe I have missed days of blogging...I love blogging but these past 2 days have been so hectic! 

Yesterday my oldest, Emily, turned 13.  I woke up yesterday in shock that I am the Mom of a teenager.  NNNOOOO!!!!  I can't be!  A Mom to a 4 yr old and 8 month old yes but a teen?  Alas I am...and have come to terms with it.  Emily is beyond excited that she is now officially a teen...not a preteen but a full teenager as the age thirTEEN says.  As I am sure you can tell I am not.  I am sure the drama will get worse, even though I can't imagine that, the interest in boys will tailspin me and the dating questions *gasp* will throw her father into a crazy gun cleaning guy.  As I keep telling myself we will survive this and be stronger so that we can go through this yet again with Madison and Zach a few years down the road. 

So for Emily's birthday she wanted to see "New Moon".  Larry decided that I would have the pleasure of seeing the movie with her (I think he didn't want to hear all the squealing girls) and it is all she has talked about since.  We went out to dinner and again I had to hear all about the movie (even though I had just seen it with her), and of course Jacob, who I have to admit did look good in the movie.  I guess it could be worse!  All in all I think she had a great birthday. 

Today we went to church, stopped at Target and then went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  Boy does Maddie love that place and I think it has a lot to do with that ice cream bar!  Poor Zachy man slept through lunch so he didn't get to enjoy any of it.  Larry was off doing some volleyball stuff but when he came home we took down the outdoor decorations and the tree and now are back to normal...well at least the house is!

Now to share my pics of the day....I do love seeing the little things that change daily with my kiddos. 

The birthday girl with her Alice choker and ipod nano

Maddie and Jasmine

Zach taking a nap


Opus #6 said...

Thanks for the follow. I followed you back. Your family is adorable!

Hear Mum Roar said...

Happy birthday, Emily! What a gorgeous family