Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ah Sunday....

Bliss....only 2 kids for the majority of the day.  Hubby knew if he left Emily with me for another day one of us would disappear and he was so afraid it would be me and he would have to take care of the kids!   Smart man...I think!  Hubby on top of working in the Air Force also referees volleyball on the weekends.  Today he took Emily with him so I could get a break and because she loves volleyball and wants to play.  Newsflash have to get good grades to play and do more than sit in front of a tv or computer...get exercise kiddo!  I know my mean Mommyism is coming out! 

Anyhoo Maddie, Zach and I slept in (well Maddie got up at 7 but Zach slept till 10 why do they sleep so late when we can't?) so we missed church but still did our devotions this morning so I didn't feel so bad for being so lazy.  So after convincing Maddie that it was ok to not go to church, we decided to just hang out watching some kid movies and just chillin' in the pj's.  Well that lasted for about 20 minutes since Maddie decided she needed to spend some time "logging" on the computer.  So I let her try out a site I am reviewing and that is where she stayed for most of the day.....she says she was working on getting smart and finding friends on the "logging world".  I guess she pays a bit too much attention to me!  LOL!!  I think she just wanted to play on my touchscreen since now there are so many fingerprints I can barely see the screen! 

I also played around on a site I found Grocery Game.  I signed up for the 4 week trial, printed out the lists, coupons and started trying to make sense of it all!  They say I will save tons of money...we'll see since it seems when I buy things in bulk everyone decides they don't want it anymore!  I am being picky with what I buy and also trying to work in the envelope system I am learning from Dave Ramsey so I don't go too crazy with all these coupons.  Hubby looks at the lists and shakes his head and I promise him in the long run it will (at least I hope) save us money! 

On to my photos...yet again I have a pic of my grumpy teen.  Please tell me they do snap out of it and become human again and want to be part of the family!  Ugh...military school here we come! 

Maddie "logging" on her world...

Zach always

Emily being the grumpy teen....spread the love baby

Random pic of Maddie being a boppy flower...

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